hiring a decorator

What you need to know before hiring a decorator. Check out the 6 steps in our infographic!

A decorator’s job is to combine the beauty of the environment with its functionality, providing the best place — as you want — to live with your family.

In this post, we’ll bring you all the information you need to know before hiring this professional. Read on to understand more!

Learn more about the professional

It’s critical to know the professional you’re going to hire — their qualifications, their portfolio, and their references from past jobs. After all, it’s your family’s comfort and well-being that are at stake!

Furthermore, it is important to know what each professional is qualified to do. There are few — but significant — differences in the work the architect and interior designer can offer you. Both can design environments and floor plans, as they must master the use of software to do so.

However, only the architect can authorize structural changes to the environment — which involve breaking or building walls, for example. These changes need to be included in the technical responsibility report signed by this professional.

Interior designers, on the other hand, cannot carry out works involving the property’s structures, but receive training that allows them to design the environment according to standards of functionality, acoustics, thermal, ergonomics and lighting – which may also involve the creation of furniture and landscaping.

Both professionals can commonly be called decorators, but the fact is that a decorator – who indicates combinations of room colors and the purchase of ready-made or planned furniture   – does not need a specific higher education to perform this function.

Thus, hiring the type of professional will depend a lot on what is expected from the environment. If you have not opted for customizing your apartment when purchasing it on the floor plan, it might be better to rely on the architect and interior designer for your decoration project.

Ask for directions and check the portfolio

If you’re looking for a decorator, it’s worth paying attention to the environments you frequent. When you are invited to a friend’s house that is impeccably decorated, ask who the professional responsible for the work was. Referrals are always welcome, and when made by people close to you, you still get an important assessment — from someone who cares about your well-being.

With some names in hand, ask for the portfolio of professionals. Knowing the decorators’ past work will help you see if they are capable of following the style you expect.

Taking this care, it is very likely that the result will please your family and everything will be finished in a timely manner for you to enjoy the decorated house.

Make an interview and a contract

Talk to the chosen professional. If possible, call him to your apartment to show him what you expect from the service and so that he understands your wishes and answers your questions.

Try to establish a tune with the decorator, as this work has a very subjective character. So it’s good for him to know your family’s interests, wants, and needs—and for you to be sure he’ll be able to do what you expect.

Finally, having chosen the professional, make a contract. He must propose this document and it is good to read it carefully and not be in doubt about what is proposed. If necessary, talk to your attorney about the terms and only close the deal when you have insurance on the terms.