Understand the financing step by step

For many people, one of the best ways to buy their dream property is by taking out a mortgage loan. In order to meet this demand, several financial institutions — and even construction companies — offer good conditions that bring the buyer closer to their new apartment.

There are many advantages of financing your property directly with the construction company and, at Cyrela, bank financing has even more benefits.

Continue reading this article to check each one of them and discover the steps to take out bank financing at Cyrela!

How does the documentation review work?

For your credit application to be approved, the financial institution must analyze your documentation in order to be able to assess the risks of this operation. Thus, it will be necessary to deliver to Cyrela’s transfer analyst some documents, such as CPF, certificates, extracts, PIS, among others.

In this way, it will be possible for Cyrela’s consultants to organize all the documents to send them to the banks. The financial institution will then carry out several assessments to examine the risks of this mortgage loan. It is necessary to find out, for example, if the customer has an income consistent with the credit released and if he does not have debts that compromise his ability to pay.

How does credit approval or disapproval work?

After the analysis procedures, if the financial institution finds that the client will have the financial conditions to repay the loan, the real estate financing will be approved. Otherwise, the bank may refuse the credit request or release a lower amount than initially requested.

What is and how does legal analysis work?

The legal analysis is a step that takes place after credit approval and consists of the assessment made by the financial institution of all documents and forms presented by the client. In this way, the bank will be able to assess whether all documents are regularized.

In addition to the buyer’s data, it will be checked if the seller’s and property documentation are in order, as well as if the unit to be financed is in accordance with the pre-approved credit.

How the contract issued and the fees is paid?

The next step will be the payment of costs, then Cyrela issues the ITBI guide, and after paying it, the customer delivers the receipt when signing the contract, continuing the financing process. These fees are provided for by law and constitute taxes and notary fees.

It should be noted that, in order for the financing contract to be issued, it is necessary to settle all costs.

How is the contract signed?

After payment of costs and issuance of the financing contract, the last step is to sign this document. Once that’s done, just prepare for the change.

As you could see, the steps of bank financing at Cyrela are very simple and this service is quite advantageous, as it provides ease and convenience for those who need credit to buy the property of their dreams.