TV panel

TV panel: how to choose one that fits your home decor proposal

Some items, definitely, can no longer be missing in your home decor. With technological advances, especially in the area of ​​communication, television sets became the center of attention in the proposals for the living room.

Also, because of this, the TV panel started to be considered by designers and architects as a piece that, if well planned and personalized, gives a special touch to the decoration.


What is the role of TV panels anyway?

The TV panel symbolizes one of the many changes that interior design has had to go through over the years in order to meet people’s tastes and needs in a more technological and connected world.

Now, the new decoration concept says that TVs can indeed be the protagonists in certain environments – and no longer murals, fireplaces and other elements.


It wasn’t so long ago that television sets were big and heavy, sitting in boxes or on bulky furniture.

Now, the models found are light, with thin screens – sometimes even curved – and with built-in lighting and speakers. They can be attached to walls or on panels designed exclusively for this purpose – such TV panels.

It should also be noted that the popularization of new television models – LCD and LED devices – has given rise to other furniture for interior decoration. For example, shelving units with moving parts and TV racks.

They can be used in rooms, gourmet balconies and other environments. Now, without a doubt, it is in the living room proposals that they can make all the difference, as long as they are carefully planned.

inspiration-panel-to-tv inspiration-panel-to-tv

Is it worth investing in a TV panel in your decor?

TV panels are advantageous in many ways when it comes to interior decoration. First, because they can enhance and modernize an environment. Second, they help save plant space by replacing racks and shelves.

It also has a function to hide wires and cables and to support various media devices of a Home Theater – such as DVD, video game console and cable TV receiver, for example.


Depending on the situation, the interior designer can use the TV panel as a guide to guide the entire layout of a living room.

This piece can be the highlight of the environment – ​​accompanied or not by a rack.

Light colored panels go well with small rooms, increasing the feeling of spaciousness. Dark ones, on the other hand, fit better in decorations in spacious environments. It is possible to choose a piece with more longitudinal proportions.

Another alternative is to choose a wide panel, which goes from floor to ceiling, extending the ceiling height.

inspiration-panel-to-tv inspiration-panel-to-tv

Trends in TV panel design

Currently, the range of models is very large: large and small; colorful or sober; smooth or textured in different styles, such as rustic wood, for example.

The challenge is to know how to identify the right model for your decor proposal.

The most common version of the TV panel is made of wood, especially in materials such as MDF – which is an excellent cost-effective, resistant and long-lasting alternative.

Many of these pieces can be combined with other planned items, forming more harmonious scenarios. But, for those who are willing to dare more, you can invest in fully customized pieces.

inspiration-panel-to-tv inspiration-panel-to-tv

Especially for some architectural and interior design proposals, glass or metal panels are created. Also with unusual cutouts, mirrored parts and three-dimensional coatings – an uptrend.

An example are the pieces covered with plasterboard, imitating the tufted effect, or natural stone slabs – equally elegant options.


So, did any of these TV panel alternatives catch your eye? Take a look at the decor proposals we have brought you and use them as a source of inspiration to create something unique for your home!