Traditional decor

Traditional decor: a safe bet for those looking for style and practicality

What would a traditional person be?

Traditional people tend to be more conservative. Because of their personality, they tend to appreciate art models inspired by classicism. Therefore, your houses will look old.

But that doesn’t mean they have to be old-fashioned. In fact, amidst the sophistication of the pieces in a traditional setting, several modern technology solutions may be hidden.


Traditional decorations are still considered current. However, architects and designers know that this is certainly not for every type of client.

It fits more with that profile of more well-behaved people, who prefer things placed in a symmetrical way, “inside the margins”.


What would be a traditional decoration?

In an attempt to define what would be traditional decoration, it can be said that this would be a decoration of great taste; sober but glamorous.


How to decorate a traditionally decorated room?

You can assemble every room in your home following the traditional decor model, including the living room and dining room.

This, in this case, would be a very valid option, as it would leave such environments, which are considered the home’s calling card – along with the entrance hall -, with a majestic look.


The best indication is always to consult the opinion of an architect or designer – who are the professionals who most understand decoration.


The designer can begin his project by establishing a color chart. A traditionally decorated room usually has neutral colors. This is a good thing, as it allows most furniture and smaller pieces to be decorated without overwhelming the setting.

But in the face of so many flashy items it can seem confusing to establish a protagonist. So beware!


To draw the viewer’s attention to certain corners of the room, the decorator can punctuate with colors, sparkles and textures.

It is also important to know how to balance things, perhaps inserting an element or another of smooth lines into the set.


Also guide the layout to value what is most relevant in the environment – ​​what can be a work of art.

And finally, embrace new technologies, such as smart TV.


Now that you’ve received all this information, look again at the images in this text.

Note the richness of detail, the fluidity of circulations, and the impact of light on all example projects.

Now, rethink if this is a style of decoration you want for your home