Tips for choosing a classic-style headboard for your bedroom

The contemporary decoration, different from the modern one, allows us to use elements from different styles and times to create a beautiful interior ambience.

Indoors, we can create aesthetic environments with both more modern and more classic features as well. But what defines a classic decor? And how to use this style in bedroom decoration?

What is classic decor anyway?

When we talk about classical decoration we are referring to those decorations that refer to a past period.

The classical style itself began with the ancient Greeks and Romans. His studies were mainly based on geometric shapes and human proportions. A similar idea was launched in the mid-18th century with the neoclassical style, which is characterized by solidity, symmetry and striking geometric shapes.


Classic-style room decor features

Rooms – both large and compact – may well be decorated in a classic style, yes.

Doing a quick search on the internet, we can find several very good examples of classical-style bedroom decor – especially for double rooms. And these environments have general characteristics that really catch our attention and that we need to highlight in this text. Are they:

  • An extremely sophisticated look, conveying an almost royalty feel.
  • Very delicate lines.
  • Background in neutral color.


  • Many white pieces, transparent and also with a mirror finish, which makes the scenario even more chic.
  • Pendant chandeliers with several shapely lamp rods.
  • Sconces wall lamps with crystal pendants.


  • Bed linen with ruffles and curtains with shawls and buns.
  • Plush rugs on the floor.
  • Armchairs covered in floral fabric.

https://blog.cyrela.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/7-1.jpg https://blog.cyrela.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/8-1.jpg

  • Antique dressers adorned with arrangements.


  • And walls with boiserie details – French technique of covering with moldings.


Classic-style headboard options for bedroom decor

Now let’s talk about the headboards. They really are the biggest protagonists of classic-style room decorations.

Its look is quite striking; most of the time, resembling almost like a king or queen’s crown. And to accompany it, there are always tables with identical bedside tables on each side of the bed, forming the perfect symmetry, as requested by the classic style.

A very common headboard model in classic-style bedroom decor is the one with padding, that is, with foam and fabric lining.

Its edges, in wood, almost always feature turned lines and subtle ornaments. And the center, in fabric, is marked by a work that can be done either using strings – so called capitonê – or tuners – the so-called buttonhole -, both very well known in the world of decoration. The result is enchanting.


The white headboards certainly go better with the classic decor. But classically decorated rooms can also feature headboards with dark wood accents, gold, royal blue and blood red.

By the way, this has a lot to do with the palace decorations, typical of the neoclassical period – the one we mentioned before.

Some classically designed headboards may have simpler designs, still being padded, but with straighter edges.

Others can even be set with a canopy – which is that type of fabric frame, forming a real frame around the bed. And there are also those with shiny details or with mirrors on the back. These options are quite luxurious to look at.

https://blog.cyrela.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/1-1.jpg https://blog.cyrela.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2-1.jpg

Definitely, the classic style is a great reference for creating bedroom decorations – and, as far as you can see, for couples as well as for young people and babies. He has a very romantic mood that most people easily like. So why don’t you bet on this idea too?