The refinement of shelves in different environments in your home

The bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture and a good solution when you want to make the most of the verticality of an environment.

But how much more can we take advantage of this piece to enrich our home decor?

Where is it nice to put a bookcase?

Shelves are neutral furniture, which can be used in any type of environment, as long as they are in the right size and material, resistant to local conditions.

Bookshelves can serve as decorations in rooms and offices, to display books and ornaments; and bedrooms and closets, for piles of clothes and toys.

Also to kitchens, as a potter; bathrooms, being a niche for papers and towels; pantries for cleaning products; and balconies, as support for plants – like a vertical garden. And, eventually, shelves may have closed parts to protect valuables.

Alasome different models of shelves

In decoration, we can use independent shelves or in sets. These pieces can also be highlighted in sets or just complements, filling empty and useless corners within environments.

They can be right in the center of a wall, as is the case with TV shelves; or on each side of another piece, forming a kind of frame.

So, if we can use shelves in various ways, of course, it is likely that we will find different models in stores.

Taller shelves are perfect for those situations where what matters is the presence of the furniture itself on the stage, not its content. Because? Because because of its height, many things would be difficult to access.

There are many more options for shorter height shelves on the market. These small shelves can fit into various corners of the house, optimizing the space in the rooms. There are straighter ones, with bottoms, good for kitchens and bedrooms. Ornate ones are prettier in rooms. And there are the smaller ones, including those that resemble sloping stairs, suitable for offices.

The most detailed shelf models are usually made of solid wood. Those in agglomerates, MDF or MDP, however, have less resistance to loads.

Bookcases with glass shelves only serve as a replacement for glass cabinets, holding crystal goblets and other small dining items. And we can also mention the metal shelves, with the possibility of adjusting the shelves.

Create the perfect bookcase with the right accessories

We already know that shelves are open furniture. It means that no object inside can go unnoticed, being always exposed to the decorated environment.

When filling a bookcase at home, it is necessary to think about the aesthetic consequences of this. Always keep everything very organized within the niches, and take the opportunity to expose objects with lots of color, such as household appliances.

Now, it is in offices and reading corners that we can play even more with this issue of organizing the elements inside the shelves. In this situation, shelf spaces are often filled with books. And they can be arranged in a very special way, forming “waves” and even a color gradient.

But not only can the inside of the shelves be treated, but the outside of these pieces as well. Antique furniture, for example, can be personalized, gaining a whole visual renovation.

If they are made of wood, an option is common painting or the patina technique. We can also apply lacquer or adhesive on all parts of the piece. Another idea is to change some details of the piece, such as applying toothpicks over it.

Perhaps you couldn’t even imagine how many possibilities there were for the use of bookcases in interior decoration. This is precisely why we developed this text.

When deciding on a bookcase, you can play with the colors, finishes and even heights of these pieces to make your home decor more fun and dynamic. So, use all your imagination and good taste to find the perfect bookcase for every room in your home!