solar incidence

The importance of checking the solar incidence on the property before purchase

Having a property to call their own is certainly what most people want. The moment of buying a house or apartment is quite an event.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for feelings of euphoria and anxiety to be present throughout the purchase negotiation process. However, if they are not controlled, they can mislead the buyer and make him forget to analyze important details and aspects, such as the solar incidence on the property.

So it is! Although many people do not know it, the way the sun shines on the house or apartment can influence many aspects of daily life, including the quality of life.

Understand below why sunlight is so important for a property!

After all, what is the solar incidence on the property?

As the name implies, solar incidence refers to how the sun’s rays influence and interact with the house or apartment. This is a very important aspect, because it can affect the value of the property’s square meter and also the daily lives of the residents.

Depending on how the sun shines, it can favor the entry of natural light (reducing the need for artificial lighting), reduce the accumulation of moisture in furniture during rainy periods and provide thermal comfort.

What is the best position for the property?

In the southern hemisphere, buildings facing north receive greater incidence of sunlight. However, it is necessary to take into account that the face of the property is not always 100% to the North. Generally, the construction has more than one face facing the sun’s rays.

In addition, since the sun rises towards the East, developments positioned in this direction will be more exposed to sunlight in the morning, which makes the property “cooler”.

Which rooms should receive more or less sunlight?

Rooms and rooms

The tip is that the bedrooms and the living room are facing east, so they receive more sun in the morning and are more airy throughout the day and night.


This room can be favored with a greater solar incidence, being able to be turned to the west face and receive sun throughout the afternoon. This also favors the cultivation of plants, something that is common to be done on balconies.

Bathrooms and kitchen

The kitchen and bathrooms are places with a lot of humidity, which can accumulate mold and mildew. Therefore, they must receive sun at some part of the day, regardless of whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon.

What are the aspects that must be evaluated when visiting the property?

On the day of the visit, a tip is to observe the neighborhood and the surroundings, mainly analyzing whether the buildings next door will cast too much shadow on the property.

Also make a careful analysis of the plan, looking at the position of the rooms, the size and shape of the windows and the places that will receive the most sun in the morning and afternoon. Another good tip is to enlist the help of the broker.

As seen, although many people ignore it, solar incidence on the property is an important aspect, as it can directly impact the routine and quality of life of the residents. In addition, it also influences the value of the square meter of the property.

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