industrial decor

The best ideas for using industrial decor in your home

Industrial decoration is a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years. This style, however, takes us back to the 1950s, in a New York in which the inhabitants needed to look for new places to live. They then began to use sheds and large old commercial buildings as housing.

From this past come the wide spaces and rustic aesthetics, with exposed metals and lots of concrete. And since then, a lot has changed and the industrial style is now accessible to everyone. Do you want to know how to use industrial decoration in your home? Read on!

What are the characteristics of industrial decoration?

Each style of decoration is defined by its own characteristics. Below, we explain a little of the main industrial style brands that make it unique:

Ample spaces

Rooted in sheds and floors, it was to be expected that large areas would be characteristic of the industrial style. Bringing this to the reality of current projects, the trend is very clearly shown in lofts, those apartments that have almost no room divisions.

In addition to the environment itself, the windows also require a lot of space! With a large opening, they let in natural light, giving life to the place.

Rustic environments

Another striking feature of the style is that it has more rustic environments, but in an urban way.

Thus, concrete, bricks, beams, wires and pipes come out of the walls. With no coverings to hide them, they blend in with the rest of the decor, giving your apartment a lot of personality.

Heavy furniture

In industrial decoration, it is common for furniture to look heavier because of the materials used: iron, wood, leather and even concrete. In this style, the furniture leaves that impression of “furniture made to last”, without losing the modern look.

Although the materials are heavy, straight lines and a clean design give industrial furniture a certain lightness, making them very interesting pieces for any environment.

How to decorate in an industrial style?

Now that you know the main characteristics of this type of decoration, how about knowing how to apply them to each room in your home? Come on!

Living room

The living room will be cozier with a brick wall and indirect lighting from lamps, especially if you invest in filament lamps.

The room will also gain personality with vintage elements in its decor. If you want to use carpet, bet on fake fur. For the sofa, a leather model with iron feet will certainly dominate the room.


More sober colors and iron or wood furniture in straight lines will make your room beautiful and comfortable.

An exposed concrete coating on the walls can make the room brighter and more spacious. On the floor, rugs made of natural materials and ottomans with interesting textures complete and integrate the resting place.

At the headboard, demolition wood is harmoniously combined with tables made of the same material, on which you can rest books, lamps and small objects of constant use.

Kitchen and dining room

A charming American kitchen allows the integration of these two environments that, in an industrial style, will seem even more spacious and modern.

In the kitchen space, a wooden demolition counter can be used to divide the spaces, with high metal stools that will serve the family well for a quick meal.

Stainless steel appliances and cabinets in straight lines with metal handles, combined with pendant lamps, will ensure fidelity to the industrial style without giving up the practicality that every kitchen needs.

In the dining room, a large table with a wooden top and metal feet takes care of the room, flanked by comfortable chairs covered in natural fabric. Above the set, a large chandelier completes the environment, which can also count on a sideboard made from the same materials as the table.

Industrial decoration is very successful for adapting to various profiles and for being modern and functional. So, don’t wait to decorate your home by following this trend!

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