tiffany blue

Surprise by using tiffany blue in your decor

Tiffany blue was made famous by the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

It was around 1845, when Charles Lewis Tiffany, creator of the brand, chose this tone for the jewelry catalog of his store located on bustling Broadway in New York.

In 2001, in a partnership with Pantone, the brand registered the tone that became its exclusivity.

As Tiffany is still a very luxurious brand, the color is always associated with refinement and sophistication.

Well known in decoration, architecture and design, this blue can be used to enhance the bedroom, living room or furniture in internal or external areas, and make spaces even more charming and contemporary.

Do you want to bet on this tone?

Follow our tips and make the best combinations

There are several ways to use this color that brings an air of relaxation and elegance to the most diverse environments.

If you prefer more discreet tones and are afraid to use coloring because of its intensity, don’t worry:

There are similar variations, smoother, which when combined with the right elements, will give a special and discreet touch to your corner.

You can color and brighten your room for example, using this color just at the headboard height. The walls in softer colors like white make an amazing composition.

Choose discreet and few decor items: picture frames and books on desks and minimalist copper lamps.

To finish off, use the depth and breadth that a mirrored cabinet brings. The result is a sophisticated environment without needing much.

Bet on Tiffany Blue in your living room

The room is a place that must be planned with special care, as it is where we receive our guests.

To create a cozy atmosphere, it’s worth betting on tricks such as the use of intense colors to create this effect.

A good idea is to use this sophisticated tone for this.

The tone can be present on the walls in different variations according to your preference. You can use a more “diluted” version of the color, lighter, if you prefer.

To further innovate, you can use it on one wall and continue it on the floor.

Just use boho-style furniture – in browns and pastels – alongside modern paintings and photographs.

It looks beautiful and prints all the sophisticated atmosphere that tiffany blue asks for.

Specific elements

You can also compose environments using color to highlight some furniture: cabinets, dressers, sofas or tables.

Elements that combined with the right colors and other more neutral objects help to find the perfect balance and combination.

Teenage passion

Being a hot color in the fashion world, coloring is also a favorite of teenagers connected to the theme.

To compose the bedroom of girls in this age group is a tone that usually pleases.

You can invest in a beautiful tufted wall and ceiling headboard that won’t need much more to have a modern and stylish room.

After all, the easiest way to decorate the environment with Tiffany is to choose a neutral space, so the other elements will serve as a complement.

Pictures, collages or posters of landscapes, elements of intense color, such as an armchair for example, help in this combination – the important thing is that tiffany blue is the color that stands out.

Curiosities about color

Choosing this type of blue not only helps to transform neutral environments into cheerful and sophisticated spaces with these little artifices we mentioned, but also contributes to the quality of life.

Some studies have shown that this tone reduces mental stress and fatigue.

So, don’t be afraid to use and abuse the benefits that this color provides: If you’re afraid of getting bored with the color, look for a more discreet surface, such as hallways or small walls, and enjoy all the good it offers!