Sideboards: the wild card of sophisticated decorations

The sideboard is a medium-sized piece of furniture, which can be manufactured in various materials, and come in different colors and finishes. And, indoors, it can gain many functions, appearing in different environments.


The effect of sideboards on decor

Sideboards can be from the main highlight of certain decorations to the charming complements that add a special touch.

Perhaps the key element of organizing an entire setting, or just a strategic item adopted by the decorator to fill an empty and useless area in a room. And, what’s more, you can receive the addition of various special accessories.

Now, what does all this interfere with interior decorations? Well, with sideboards, decorations can look more sophisticated, youthful and modern – everything will depend on the chosen furniture model.

For sure, their presence in the rooms can make the house better personalized and very functional. In other words, it is an idea that is well worth investing in.

Home-decoration-uses-sideboard Home-decoration-uses-sideboard

Which model is right for your home?

By searching the stores you can find several different models of dressers for sale – in different sizes, materials and colors. There are classics, rustics, moderns, Provençals, and others.

Therefore, it is easy to find at least one option that suits the style of decorative composition idealized for the home. And of course there are always those types most sought after by buyers.


Regarding the manufacturing raw material, the most sought after sideboards on the market are wooden ones, followed by metal ones. There are also mixed ones, with parts in glass and mirror.

In addition to these, the most special models are those coated with blades in very vibrant colors, such as golden yellow and turquoise, combining with other details of the house – preferably neutral.

Well then, sideboards combine with small and spacious environments, formal and informal, minimalist and cozy. And among all the models, perhaps the ones that draw the most attention are the transparent ones.

Furniture like this, in glass or acrylic, may not be resistant, but they are perfect when combined with many decorations, making the scenarios lighter and more refined. They are perfect for contemporaneity.


Where to put sideboards?

Sideboards are considered versatile pieces, that is, they can be used in various environments in the house. Due to their aesthetics and functionality, they are better suited to the entrance hall, living and dining rooms, balconies and corridors.

However, they can also appear in bedroom decorations. Or end up as a divider of very large environments or simply integrated.

One idea suggested by the designers is to use a sideboard right in front of the main entrance to the residences, welcoming visitors.

Also behind the sofa, as a protection for the furniture. In conjunction with puff, enhancing some circulation area. Supporting the table in the dining room – accommodating plates, glasses and more items. And, in the closet, like a dressing table – accompanied by a mirror.


There are even more ways to use a sideboard in home decorations. Everything will depend on the composition around you, that is, on the accompaniment of accessories.

All it takes is creativity on the part of the designer when exploring the possibilities. For starters, it’s possible to do some fancy decorating in the background – perhaps with a mirror, painting, wallpaper, or a stylish and fun panel behind.

Home-decoration-uses-sideboard Home-decoration-uses-sideboard

Now, about the sideboard, you can have several other items – making the space a style reference. In photo frames, compositions of photographs of the family in happy moments.

Also exhibiting art items, plant arrangements or vases, candles, decorative boxes, and more. And with bottles and glasses, this piece of furniture can be transformed into a mini bar; or the coffee corner, complete with coffee pot and cups.

Home-decoration-uses-sideboard Home-decoration-uses-sideboard

Sideboards can add that special touch to different environments in your home. If you are thinking of redecorating a room, consider the possibility of using this furniture.