double room

See how to build a double room with luxury and comfort

Style is important for the elaboration of a high standard apartment, as it guarantees comfort and warmth without neglecting the residents’ personality.

The bedroom is a private space, which should be conducive to rest, relaxation and enjoyment of leisure time. When thinking about style, it is necessary to set up an impeccable closet, focus on lighting and even hand-pick upholstery and bed linen.

Did you like it and want to know more? In this post, we have precious tips to make your corner more stylish. Come on!

Work with strategic lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference in the design of a luxury double room. At this stage, it is essential to take advantage of the room’s natural light with curtains made from light fabrics, such as silk or linen. By investing in the idea, it will be possible to ensure coziness for the place, in addition to enabling the use of plants.

In the case of artificial lighting, having a lighting project is essential. Therefore, consider hiring the services of a specialized professional, who will be responsible for identifying the best spots for lamp installation.

Here, the chandeliers should not be discarded, as they are imposing and can be used according to the style of decoration of the residents. Then add secondary light points, such as sconces or lamps placed on side tables.

Include paintings and other artwork

To avoid having empty walls in your bedroom, we suggest using artwork — great options for adding a touch of personality, color and sophistication to the room.

Choose works that are able to convey a little of your profile and lifestyle. Reproductions of landscapes, travel photographs and portrait frames are widely used.

Sculptures are also good options for creating points of attention in space. Just try to invest in pieces that are the right size for the place and don’t harm your activities or the circulation of people.

Count on complete bedding

There’s no point in perfecting the decorative items in your luxury double room if, in the end, the bed’s aesthetic leaves something to be desired.

As it is a room for rest, it is necessary to use a wardrobe that shows elegance and is cozy. To give more quality to the environment, the thousand thread count sheets are essential, if possible in light tones.

Once this is done, choose a maximum of six pillows and a few pillows to fill the bed and reinforce the comfort proposal. Models with jacquard, velvet and knit covers should be at the top of your list for a stylish bed.

Choose high-end coatings

It is likely that you have heard the following phrase around: “the details make all the difference”. Well know that, in the case of the double room, this maxim makes perfect sense. Most of the time, there are certain elements that go unnoticed during the development of luxury apartment projects, but which, in practice, are responsible for promoting a unique and extremely stylish result.

One example is coatings. When assembling the space, do not skimp on the choice of these materials, always investing in high-value and long-lasting versions. Among the main ones, we highlight marble, porcelain and, of course, classic noble woods.

Also keep an eye on the paint on the walls. Opt for high quality inks and be sure to rely on a skilled workforce. There are even several shades that are constantly related to luxury. Nude, beige, off-white, black and wine are some of them.

Choose the ones that best fit your profile and remember to combine them with other elements of the room, with metallic and woody ornaments being great choices.

And so, after these tips on how to decorate a luxury double room, do you believe that it will be easier to conquer your much desired corner? We’re in the crowd!