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Room Decor Trends for 2021

It’s time to look ahead, to the future, and see the possibilities. In this text, we will analyze what will be the trends for this year regarding Interior Design.

The list below summarizes what the industry professionals are betting on. Check it out and get inspired on how to change the look of the decorated rooms at home.

#1 White background

Every restart in life is a new opportunity. This is the time to do a complete spiritual cleansing and leave behind all the bad things that happened. This can also happen in interior decoration.

We are looking for more peace, tranquility, balance and good health. And, somehow, everything seems pretty implicit in the new projects. Decorated rooms have a white background to shades of green, blue, wood textures and neutral colors.

#2 Natural wood

Speaking of natural wood, which has always been a material dear to interior designers, but in recent years, concern has increased with the origin of this material. In any case, it still appears as a great promise for harmonizing environments.

If the origin of the chosen wood is legal, then its exploitation is valid. This can ensure that home environments are much more comfortable – since wood, in addition to being very beautiful, is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.

#3 Vegetation and prints

We know that being connected to nature is very positive. It is perceived that this rescue is increasingly necessary.

No wonder designers are looking for new ways to bring nature into homes. And they found amazing ways to build little green corners within environments. This includes, for example, the installation of vertical gardens and hanging gardens.

Especially for vertical gardens, there are already several ready-made kits of parts for their assembly. Of course, it is always possible to improvise, creating a wooden truss structure or iron grating. There are also other models of holders for pots.

Some, for example, made of ropes, using the artisanal macramé technique. In addition, there are metal tripods and shelves, niches and shelves made of various materials.

A second alternative is to simulate nature indoors. This can be possible by adding more decoration arrangements. Also with the application of frames with illustrations of natural landscapes and wallpaper on the walls. In addition, you can use and abuse the floral print pillows. All of this seems to be the right trend for 2021.

#4 Classic Styles

Every restart also makes us look to the past and rethink certain ideas. This happened at various times in the history of the Arts, such as the launch of the ‘Neo’ movements.

Right now, it seems that decorators are doing it again, allowing themselves to create environments with a more classic feel and bringing back into fashion certain elements, such as Provençal-style furniture and velvet-covered pieces.

#5 Large panels

The modern decorations planned for 2021 will also have a lot of personality with the exploration of several different prints. Visual effects will be caused by utilitarian pieces and complementary function.

This is the case with large rugs, oil-painted paintings and tapestries. The artisan work will be highly valued, which will make the scenarios unique, very sophisticated. Roman

#6 Multifunctionality

But one thing that was not left behind in 2020 and that is coming back with force in 2021 is the idea that all the environments in the house need to be better used.

Following this thought, designers increasingly seek to create furniture pieces that are multifunctional, that is, pieces that transform and reveal new functions. And they can even be multi-purpose, allowing them to be moved to other scenarios whenever necessary.

Now we know a little bit about what awaits us for 2021. Obviously, during the year, a lot can change; other items can be added to this list; and you can invent fashion yourself. Get inspired by the images and let your good taste flow.

These 2021 decor tips were created by the Viva Decora team.