terraced gardens

Learn about some precautions for the maintenance of terraced gardens

Maintaining terraced gardens is a way to bring the well-being that only nature can provide into our homes. A large sunny balcony is an invitation to start this little green corner in your own apartment! You can count on beautiful flowers, which promote a wonderful olfactory and visual experience, plants that bring freshness and well-being, or even a garden of…

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customizing the property

Find out what can be changed when customizing the property

Customizing the property is an excellent decision. You can check the possibilities of modifications directly with the builder, and in this article we’ll show you what changes most often can be made and how they occur. For that, we invited Beatriz Nogueira, architect of Preference na Cyrela, to talk about the subject. Know more! Why should you customize…

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10 models of compact kitchens for you to be inspired

Anyone who wants to have a dream kitchen in their home or apartment doesn’t need a huge space for it. A compact kitchen, when well planned, can be surprisingly practical and welcoming. In this post, we’ve made a selection of several models of compact kitchens, each with a different solution to the project’s challenges. It has…

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Tips for choosing a classic-style headboard for your bedroom

The contemporary decoration, different from the modern one, allows us to use elements from different styles and times to create a beautiful interior ambience. Indoors, we can create aesthetic environments with both more modern and more classic features as well. But what defines a classic decor? And how to use this style in bedroom decoration? What is classic…

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anteroom space

5 tips for creating a functional anteroom space in the apartment

The anteroom is literally the environment before the main room. Although many people confuse it with the lobby, these are different spaces. While the hall is a place of passage, where belongings that should not be taken inside are left (incidentally, something essential in times of pandemic), the anteroom is basically a waiting place inside the apartment. In…

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Interior design or architect? See how to make the right choice

Renovating the apartment is more than an aesthetic issue. From the distribution of the walls to the choice of objects, everything must be well thought out, as it will impact circulation, ventilation, natural light and, ultimately, the quality of life of the residents. But do you know when to hire an interior designer or architect? These are professionals with different…

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solar incidence

The importance of checking the solar incidence on the property before purchase

Having a property to call their own is certainly what most people want. The moment of buying a house or apartment is quite an event. Therefore, it is not uncommon for feelings of euphoria and anxiety to be present throughout the purchase negotiation process. However, if they are not controlled, they can mislead the buyer and make…

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baby room

Check out 8 baby room models with great decor ideas

When it comes time to think about how to decorate a baby’s room, an idea doesn’t always come easily to mind. Doubts and uncertainties are common, especially for those who are already in their second or third child and no longer know how to vary. If you need inspiration to decorate the room of the baby that…

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building a property

Learn about the 7 main steps in building a property

You, who acquired a property in the plant, probably have the greatest expectation to soon receive the keys and finally make your move, right? However, it is necessary to control anxiety, because, depending on when the purchase was made, it will be necessary to wait for a while for the completion of the work. With this in mind,…

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What is the difference between deed and property registration?

Anyone looking for a new house or apartment to live in, for sure, has heard of two very common terms in the real estate universe: deed and property registration. Although these two documents are often used in this type of negotiation, it is common that most people end up confusing the purposes of each. Did you identify…

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