How to insert handmade elements in a modern decor?

The handcrafted elements are great allies in modern decor, being possible to join various objects made manually, together with the most varied styles. In addition to leaving the environment with a pleasant aesthetic, the craft is also capable of customizing the space according to the preference of its residents or owners, giving it a unique and singular…

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Sideboards: the wild card of sophisticated decorations

The sideboard is a medium-sized piece of furniture, which can be manufactured in various materials, and come in different colors and finishes. And, indoors, it can gain many functions, appearing in different environments. The effect of sideboards on decor Sideboards can be from the main highlight of certain decorations to the charming complements that add a special touch.…

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Learn how to decorate a bedroom in Montessori

It is not uncommon that, shortly after acquiring a new apartment, the family increases. With the arrival of a new member, comes the concern to prepare a special corner for his first years. At this time, one of the most successful decor options is the Montessori bedroom. If you want to join this trend, know that decorating a…

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Know the types of work foundation and their importance for construction

The property purchase is a step full of expectation, so throughout the construction, we have the desire to follow all stages of its realization. Today you will know all the details about the foundation phase of the construction, which when not done correctly, is responsible for causing cracks and cracks, that is, the results of this phase…

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personalization of a property work

How does the personalization of a property work? Check out the infographic!

It’s no secret that one of Cyrela’s main goals is to be able to meet all the expectations and needs of its customers. Among the various services offered by the company during the construction of the projects, one deserves to be highlighted: the customization of the property. Through this benefit, when buying an apartment on the floor…

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interior decoration

Architecture, design and interior decoration: what must change?

The last few years have been challenging, especially 2020 – and everyone already knows the reasons, to the point that we don’t even need to remember here. As a result, the following years are likely to be completely different for architecture and interior design. And this can have many benefits. After all, it is time for us…

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buying a property

Learn about the experience of buying a property without leaving your home

Online commerce is growing more and more, even when it comes to buying a property. Who has never searched for “buying an apartment” on the internet and was dreaming of a new apartment? We know, however, that buying a property is very different from buying a cell phone online. It takes a lot more information, after all…

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hiring a decorator

What you need to know before hiring a decorator. Check out the 6 steps in our infographic!

A decorator’s job is to combine the beauty of the environment with its functionality, providing the best place — as you want — to live with your family. In this post, we’ll bring you all the information you need to know before hiring this professional. Read on to understand more! Learn more about the professional It’s critical…

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Earth tones

Earth tones: trends in decorating neutral environments

Earthy tones have the ability to bring nature closer to us. A trend that will be on the rise in the coming months is natural-style decor. This style harmonizes very well with the decoration of rooms, living room and many other environments. A natural decoration usually employs pieces made from sustainable materials, and works with lines and volumes…

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decorating apps

Check out the 6 coolest decorating apps now!

Those who like to decorate their home are always on the lookout for news to be inspired and personalize their home. Precisely for this reason, it does not give up having the best decoration apps on the cell phone. With that in mind, we’ve listed 6 of them, which are free, for you to download right now. Check…

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