Innovate with mat overlay

If you take a quick look, right now, at website publications and decoration magazines, you will come across a very curious trend. It’s the layering of rugs and this trend is here to stay. Check out how to use this technique and the ideal way to use it in your home. What is mat overlay? What is superimpose? It’s…

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vertical garden

6 plants suitable for setting up a vertical garden in the apartment

Taking advantage of the walls to have a beautiful green space is a great solution for those who live in an apartment. In addition to decorating, this reduces the temperature and improves the humidity in the environment. And there’s more: depending on how it is arranged, green has the power to energize the room. Not surprisingly, many…

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Carpets can add that unique touch to the decor

When setting up a house, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details. This is because each element added to their environments can make all the difference in the final result of the decoration. The use of a simple rug would be the perfect example of what can be done to give more personality to the…

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double room

See how to build a double room with luxury and comfort

Style is important for the elaboration of a high standard apartment, as it guarantees comfort and warmth without neglecting the residents’ personality. The bedroom is a private space, which should be conducive to rest, relaxation and enjoyment of leisure time. When thinking about style, it is necessary to set up an impeccable closet, focus on lighting and even hand-pick…

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Room color palette

Room color palette: 4 tips to choose

Knowing which shades work best in each room makes decorating your home much easier. However, this requires a careful analysis of the space in question. Choosing the color palette for the room, for example, requires a number of factors. The definition of colors plays an important role in the decoration and transmission of sensations, offering a pleasant environment. In this…

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tiffany blue

Surprise by using tiffany blue in your decor

Tiffany blue was made famous by the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. It was around 1845, when Charles Lewis Tiffany, creator of the brand, chose this tone for the jewelry catalog of his store located on bustling Broadway in New York. In 2001, in a partnership with Pantone, the brand registered the tone that became…

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Decoration and technology: what do they have in common?

Who never dreamed of living in the home of the Jetsons – characters from the series produced by the Hanna-Barbera studio – when you were a child? Or live in the 2000s house of Marty MacFly – character from the movie “Back to the Future”? Well, this is a reality that, year after year, seems more…

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4 golden tips for organizing your property documents

When you buy a property, a series of important documents start to be part of your life. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to organize them. After all, when we least expect it, all these materials are likely to be needed and properly separated. But what are these items and how to keep them well…

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Residential lighting

Residential lighting: 5 tips to innovate in decoration

When planning residential lighting, it is not enough to choose the most beautiful chandelier or define some points where you want some highlight. You also need to think about functionality, temperature and the impression you want to make. In this article, we’ll explain better how this task can be done and offer some tips that will help…

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The refinement of shelves in different environments in your home

The bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture and a good solution when you want to make the most of the verticality of an environment. But how much more can we take advantage of this piece to enrich our home decor? Where is it nice to put a bookcase? Shelves are neutral furniture, which can be used…

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