Learn how to decorate a bedroom in Montessori

It is not uncommon that, shortly after acquiring a new apartment, the family increases. With the arrival of a new member, comes the concern to prepare a special corner for his first years. At this time, one of the most successful decor options is the Montessori bedroom.

If you want to join this trend, know that decorating a room like this will bring much more benefits to your child than just a beautiful environment. In this post, find out more details on how to decorate a bedroom in Montessori!

What is a Montessori room?

Maria Montessori was an Italian educator who created the method that bears her last name, in which the child educates himself. With the necessary freedom and elements that develop her within her reach, she is able to work on her skills, in an education that privileges independence and autonomy.

Thus, a Montessori room focuses entirely on the child. With due concern for safety, everything in this environment must allow full mobility, the ability to choose and discover, in a playful way.

How to decorate the bedroom in Montessori?

So we saw that a Montessori room is more than a beautiful place, it must also be functional. So, how should furniture and decorative objects be chosen for this environment? That’s what we’ll see now:


A planned closet can be interesting in this room, as it will have wide future use. However, also invest in low furniture, which allows the child to pick up clothes and toys. Book shelves that are at children’s eye level are also common in this type of room.

Finally comes the crib, right? Wrong! In the Montessori room, the bed is on the floor, so that the child can leave it whenever he feels like it, even if he is very small and still crawling. This is a big step towards autonomy, but if your baby is still very young, you can opt for elements that contain him in the bed, such as foam rollers.

Here, you must have remembered the famous cottage bed, right? Although it is not mentioned in Montessori studies, its playful character meant that it was immediately integrated into children’s rooms that follow this methodology. Without a doubt, it is a piece of furniture that marks the environment and provides many possibilities for children to play.

Decorative elements

With a bed on the floor and a child who is free to move around, it is important to have mats to cushion any falls. In this case, rubberized materials are the most suitable. It is also recommended to use rugs with more textures, which invite the child to a sensory experience.

In a Montessori room, there is no lack of a mirror, which allows the child to discover himself, and a bar, which will support him in his first steps. They are two functional elements, but they can be harmoniously added to the environment.

Wall stickers or even pictures at the child’s eye level also provide a good visual stimulus, as well as mobiles which, in the Montessori Method, have a very different appearance! Finally, resist the urge to leave all toys within reach of your baby. If there is a big offer, he will hardly concentrate on a joke. So, leave a few games to hand and establish a biweekly rotation.

A bedroom from Montessori is a great option, not only for its decorative appearance, but also for providing a developmental environment that will accompany the child in his/her early years. So, what do you think about investing in this very special trend?