buying a property

Learn about the experience of buying a property without leaving your home

Online commerce is growing more and more, even when it comes to buying a property. Who has never searched for “buying an apartment” on the internet and was dreaming of a new apartment?

We know, however, that buying a property is very different from buying a cell phone online. It takes a lot more information, after all it’s usually the biggest purchase in a person’s life. With the advancement of technology, however, it is possible to feel inside the property and carry out all the bureaucratic part of the purchase through online platforms.

With this in mind, we have prepared a special post to show you details of the experience of buying a property without leaving your home. Follow the reading and discover how this process can be safe and done with peace of mind!

Enter a new apartment without leaving your home

If you’ve ever tried those virtual reality goggles, you know it’s like being transported to a new space. We actually feel there, but let’s be realistic: how many of us have these glasses available at home?

Therefore, Cyrela has implemented in some products, such as Cyrela Arti Perdizes , a 360º tour , which can be done with virtual reality glasses, but can also be seen on your computer, tablet and even cell phone.

However, we know that, as much as the 360º tour allows you to see every angle and every corner of the apartment, it is not the same as being there, because a very important thing is lost, which is the sense of dimension. .

Cyrela is well aware of this, and for this reason, it has made available on the virtual tour of its products something much better to quantify space, a tool that allows the user to draw a line and measure any space in the decorated apartment.

This tool is perfect if you want to start thinking about the decoration of the apartment, as you can measure the room and see the best place for the bed, assess whether the sofa you want to buy will be fine in the living room and even find out if the terrace holds a pool table.

Purchasing within the reach of a click

Looking for a new apartment, imagining living in it and planning the new decor are parts that everyone likes, but when it comes time to negotiate the property, full of bureaucracies, no one likes it.

With a view to solving this problem, Cyrela made electronic signatures available in its real estate purchase and sale contracts, simplifying and streamlining a once-tiring activity.

According to the Brazilian Civil Code, the rules of the law covering traditional contracts are also applied to digital contracts. In addition, a 2001 provisional measure guarantees the legal validity of electronic documents. The most used electronic signature services are the Brazilian D4Sign and the North American DocuSign.

In this modality, all steps are carried out online. The platform, which can even be accessed by cell phone, instructs the user to create a digital signature and informs which documents need to be sent to the legal sector.

The documentation is delivered to the customer by email, which can only be accessed through a password sent via SMS. After the digital signature is placed on the document, a code is generated, granting it authenticity.

Ready! If you are dreaming of buying a new apartment, not being able to leave the house is no longer an impediment to fulfilling your dream. Cyrela has a team of online brokers, available to answer any questions and assist in any part of the process.