building a property

Learn about the 7 main steps in building a property

You, who acquired a property in the plant, probably have the greatest expectation to soon receive the keys and finally make your move, right? However, it is necessary to control anxiety, because, depending on when the purchase was made, it will be necessary to wait for a while for the completion of the work.

With this in mind, so that you can get to know the process better, in this post we bring the phases of building a property. Check out!

1. Project

For the execution team to be able to start building a real estate project, there must be, above all, the project, which will determine all the characteristics of the construction. In this document, you will find all the information and guidelines necessary for the smooth running of the work.

2. Foundation

The foundation’s main objective is to transfer the efforts generated by the building to the ground, in order to maintain the safety and stability of the building. Fundamental in preventing constructive pathologies — such as cracks and cracks — there are several types of foundations, which are determined according to the soil and the characteristics of the building to be built.

3. Structure and masonry

It will be at this stage that the construction of the building will take place. At Cyrela, the vast majority of projects are built using the conventional construction method. In this method, all the weight is absorbed by the structure of columns and beams.

4. Finishing

The finishing is the last phase of construction. In it, the installation of coatings and other elements – such as frames, glass and china – in the building will be carried out. In addition to providing aesthetic beauty, the finishes have the function of protecting the building’s structure against the effects of the weather.

5. Inspection

Once the work is finished, the long-awaited moment for handing over the keys is near. . For this, it will be necessary to carry out an inspection to verify if the construction company is delivering what was promised during the sale.

At Cyrela, customers receive a checklist with all the items they must analyze. In addition, a company representative will accompany you during this visit to clarify any possible doubts and verify any problems that may be identified.

6. Documentation

After confirming that the apartment to be delivered has all the characteristics described in the descriptive memorial, you must sign the Key Delivery Term. It will be at this stage that you will have to pay off the rest of the apartment’s value — either through your own resources or by contracting a real estate loan.

7. Condominium Installation Assembly (AGI)

Before receiving the keys, the condominium must be installed. For this, an assembly will be held with the presence of the owners and representatives of the construction company. At this meeting, the election of the trustee and the Fiscal Council will take place.

Once the meeting is over, the elected representatives will carry out an inspection of the common areas of the development, just as you inspect your unit. After inspection and discharge, you will pick up the keys and finally be able to organize your move.

As you can see, before receiving the keys to your new home, several steps will need to be completed. However, if you want to know how the work is progressing, just access the Customer Portal — there will be all the necessary information about the project.