Interior design or architect? See how to make the right choice

Renovating the apartment is more than an aesthetic issue. From the distribution of the walls to the choice of objects, everything must be well thought out, as it will impact circulation, ventilation, natural light and, ultimately, the quality of life of the residents. But do you know when to hire an interior designer or architect? These are professionals with different skills, even if complementary.

In this post, we’ll show you the functions of each one. Read on and find out which one is the most suitable to meet your desires and needs!

What are the differences between an interior designer and an architect?

To exercise their functions, the architect must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and be registered with the Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CAU). The interior designer, on the other hand, can have technical training, be a bachelor or a technologist, being represented by the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers (ABD).

Both professionals can draw floor plans. However, only the architect can sign the technical responsibility registration report (RRT) and, consequently, respond civilly and criminally for any related problem. Therefore, only the architect has the ability to make changes to the original plan.

In addition, it is worth remembering that interior design is one of the areas in which architecture works. Therefore, when you want to customize the property, through structural and decorative changes, an architect with both expertise is able to carry out the entire project.

Why these professionals are considered complementary?

The architect designs the environments (internal and external) through studies and calculations, to ensure the safety and functionality of the spaces, as well as the aesthetics. In addition, he is the one who chooses the construction materials, as he knows the respective technical specifications — heat resistance, interaction with other substances, etc.

The interior designer, in turn, plans the organization and decoration of internal environments, considering materials, colors, textures, lighting, among other aspects. Its function is to make each space as functional, ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful as possible.

Thus, the activities carried out complete each other. While the architect can make changes to the layout, the interior designer focuses on furniture and decor. For this reason, many offices have both professionals in their teams, in order to offer complete projects to their clients.

What to prioritize when choosing between an interior designer and an architect?

Hiring someone responsible for the architectural project (original or renovation) and interiors is essential to leave the property with its “face”. However, choosing this professional depends on what you want to change.

When structural changes are required (such as demolition of walls and alterations to hydraulic, electrical and gas points), a technical opinion signed by the architect is required. When the changes are limited to the elaboration of the internal environment (choice of finishing materials, lighting techniques, thermo-acoustics, among others), both are trained.

The same goes for the choice of furniture and decorative objects. In fact, the way they are arranged in the environments impacts circulation, ventilation and light — so, before going shopping, it is worth consulting a specialist.

Now that we know the similarities and differences between these professionals, define what your goals are and, only then, make your choice. Whether you are an interior designer or an architect, the important thing is to have your expectations met, so that your home is the way you always dreamed of!