How to have a beautiful office: from reception to meeting room

The workplace needs to be a pleasant environment in which all employees feel good and motivated.

In addition, many companies already have a corporate visual identity that needs to be respected.

In these cases, when thinking about office decoration, it is necessary to follow these visual guidelines, such as colors, graphics and textures.

In this post, we’ve gathered a series of tips for decorating some office environments, from wallpaper to furniture.

Check it out and apply it to yours!

How to decorate the different environments of your office


First impression remains!

The reception needs to make office visitors comfortable and also impress them with an air of professionalism and competence.

Lots of light and sophistication

Large windows with lots of light and modern furniture are ideas for those who want to show that their office follows new trends and hasn’t stopped in time.

Large office reception with gold accents

creative work

Depending on the company’s area of ​​operation, a reception with bolder concepts and strong and vibrant colors may be necessary to convey another impression: creativity!

Most modern office reception

Work areas

Not all employees in an office have an individual room.

In fact, most share common spaces, with or without partitions, see some proposals.

Modern furniture and glass partitions

This environment received a brick wall covering (this effect can also be created with textured wallpaper) and a wooden floor, in complementary tones.

The highlight is the modern furniture and glass partitions, which provide some privacy, but without too inhibiting teamwork.

Office with glass and wood partitions

playful and colorful

Colorful office with large tables

This proposal chose to eliminate partitions and invest in colorful furniture, which resembles assembling games and can stimulate creativity.

side aisle

This is a classic desktop setup.

A side aisle distributes to the various environments, in addition to serving as a place for a shelf with materials, printers and other items that serve the office as a whole.

Office with wooden details and no partitions

executive rooms

For those who hold higher positions, it is customary to set aside an exclusive workroom.


In this case, to encourage transparency and dialogue, the room has large glass windows.

When there is a need for more privacy, the blinds can be closed.

Single room with glass wall and frame


In some companies it is very important that the executive has a large room and a large table, as well as plenty of space for informal meetings.

Office with discreet decor and brown walls

Meeting rooms

A pleasant and well-decorated place can help to make presentations and meetings, showing all the company’s professionalism to those present.

Modern yet traditional

Using modern, yet well-known, design furniture helps to pass on all the innovation that the company seeks, while always keeping your feet on the ground.

Individual room with special lighting


Not every meeting room needs to house huge teams.

In this case, we opted for a creative environment for a select group of employees to have their best ideas.

Notice the wallpaper with inspirational phrases.

Decompression space with blue niches and fun wallpaper

Several styles and trends were presented, but the important thing is that the decoration of your office conveys your company’s position in the market and makes your employees comfortable and encouraged to work in a pleasant and functional environment.

These tips on how to decorate and have a beautiful office were created by the Viva Decora team .