chaise sofas

How to enjoy all the sophistication of chaise sofas

The room decor needs to be flexible. In this environment, we must be able to solve several tasks and have different moments. For example, entertaining people, watching TV, studying, playing with children, eating meals and much more.

And you have to express all of this, in some way, in layout planning; foreseeing the necessary furniture for the room to be really functional and comfortable – this list cannot be missing, obviously, a nice sofa.

The influence of sofas in the decor

Sofas are the most important furniture for living room decorations. Without them, such environments could not function the same. And the model you choose should be crucial in defining various design issues.

As it is a piece of large proportions, it should guide the entire layout plan, defining the position and distance from the other significant elements in the plan, such as a coffee table and a rack with a panel.

In a living room, the sofa is normally placed against the wall with the greatest free extension. Any vacant space on the sides of this piece of furniture can be filled with complementary items for decoration, such as coffee tables.

On the other side of the room, on the opposite wall – the second with the largest free extension – would be the main focal point of the scenario – fireplace, television, window, etc.

When the room is large, it is possible to foresee the use of a set of sofas. Or a sofa with beanbags, armchairs, chairs and even a chaise.

Speaking specifically of this last mentioned piece of furniture, it is a type of sofa with only a side backrest and a long seat to stretch your legs. This seat, due to its design, does not block the viewer’s view, being great for marking the seating area and separating it from other sectors of the room.

Some sofa models for living room decoration

As said before, it is possible to have only one sofa in the living room, longer and bordering the longest free wall. If there is a free corner, in the sequence, you can think of putting, in its place, a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa.

One more alternative, in this case, is the set of two- and three-seater sofas. And there is still another model that replaces that old idea of ​​the sofa accompanied by a chaise, which is the sofa with a chaise.

There are the common sofas. Also the modular sofas, with parts that can be disarranged and reassembled as the user wishes.

Sofas that come with ottomans – to stretch your legs, alternative to a coffee table for the living room. So are sofas with a reclining back and extendable seats. The latter can become a chaise sofa; but there are sofas in which the fixed structure already refers to a corner with a chaise.

Anyway, there are several models of sofa design. And also, among these, there are sofas with all kinds of colors and coverings.

Remember that sofas in straight lines, discreet feet, neutral colors, such as cream or beige, are easier to match with any decor, and can be customized with pillows and blankets. But there are other options that are much more interesting, such as colorful and patterned sofas.

Sofa upholstery fabric options are: chenille, suede, leather, velvet, polyester, acquablock, serge, linen and jacquard.

How to use chaises in your home

Chaises are a kind of very old design piece. It has been used in home decorations for centuries, basically since palace times. Its beauty is admired and recognized as being quite sophisticated.

It goes very well with proposals for classic aesthetic interiors. However, it can also have more modern features and thus combine with other types of contemporary architecture.

Chaises look less heavy, so to speak, compared to sofas. They can accompany sofas in living room decorations, remaining in the background.

However, they can also be highlighted in special corners mounted in bedroom, balcony or balcony decoration.

What did you think of the idea of ​​a chaise in your living room? Have you found that place where it will be perfect?

These chaise decorating tips were created by the Viva Decora team.