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How to create the perfect atmosphere for a home bar in your apartment

Creating a beautiful and sophisticated decoration for the home is not a complicated task for those with good taste. It is really difficult to create an interesting and comfortable setting to welcome your guests.

Certain environments in the house can be well prepared to make everyone more excited, encouraging a good get-together.

If that’s what you’re looking for, a home bar might be the ideal option. See tips on how to choose furniture and the ideal location for your home bar.


What is it and why have a home bar?

Obviously, the name already says: home bar is a small bar set up inside your home. Those who enjoy – and have friends and family who enjoy – tasting a good wine or other drinks to relax and have fun, should invest in this idea.

In fact, people often get together with the excuse of eating and drinking together. So why not take advantage of that motivation?


The ideal place for your home bar

The idea of ​​having a home bar is to better welcome your guests without a proper atmosphere for that, cheerful and relaxed, but losing that touch of charm and sophistication.

It can be part of the decoration of various environments – such as the living room, dining room and even kitchen. Other ideal places for them are gourmet balconies and terraces.


How to build a beautiful home bar in your apartment

Every bench, sideboard, bookcase or side table, when free, can be the basis for a home bar.

One way to simplify things is to mount this small bar on a tray – which can be aluminum, wood, wicker or more noble materials such as silver.

On it can be placed both the preferred beverage bottles and utensils, such as buckets, glasses and corkscrews. Crystal bottles are very welcome, too.


Minibars on trays are a very good alternative for small apartments. But when you have more space, you can develop a bigger and even more complete home bar.

In this case, an excellent idea is to plan a special piece of furniture for this. It is very common to install the home bar in American kitchens, dividing the living room and kitchen and, of course, on your gourmet balcony.

how-to-adapt-furniture-to-home-bar SP Studio and Andrea Petini

In the living room, for example, a part of the TV shelf can be destined for a home bar. Illuminated niches help highlight bottles and glasses.

In the dining room, a china cabinet or buffet are also good alternatives for a mini bar. And, why not? The home office can also be a place to set up a home bar.

how-to-adapt-furniture-to-home-bar Adriana Diegues

Depending on the available free area, the installation of cabinets, minibar, heated wine cellar, beer cooler, coffee machine and sink can also be planned for the place.

This is the home bar of many people’s dreams!

Thus, it is interesting to have other items in the home bar that make good drink lovers delight, such as jars, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, bottle openers, dispenser support, spoons, knives, dispensers, and other utensils. Now, based on this, build your shopping list.


Thinking of setting up a home bar in your home?

Take a look at the details of the images we brought and realize that some elements, such as transparencies, reflections and textures, can make all the difference when creating your home bar! Take care of these choices.