How to choose armchairs, the key piece in the decoration, for different environments

The armchair is that piece of furniture that can be extremely personal, like the one you like to read in the office, or you’re favorite for watching TV.

Likewise, it is the piece of furniture that welcomes visitors in the living room and even at the dining table.

Choosing the right seat for each of these environments is not a challenge, but some advice is always worth listening.

Check out our tips and decide which armchair model is ideal for each room in your home.

8 rooms with armchairs to inspire you

1- Living room

The living room is an environment made to receive people, par excellence.

Therefore, the ideal is to have large and comfortable armchairs, if space permits, so that your guests feel welcomed, comfortable and very comfortable.

2- Dining room

Speaking of comfort and well-being, using armchairs at the dining table will always welcome your guests better.

And you don’t need to opt for those rugged models. In fact, the ideal is to use small, functional chairs.

See how beautiful and modern the ones used in this decoration proposal:

3- Home office

For this environment there may be two alternatives: a light and functional chair to work at the desk, or something more comfortable, for those who like to use the notebook on their lap, for example.

4- Bedroom

It’s only worth using armchairs in the room if you have plenty of space.

And in this case, the keyword is comfort.

Choose a hot one to relax, read a book or chat.

5- Closet

The same reasoning for choosing an armchair in a bedroom applies to the closet: if you have space, take advantage of comfort!

6- Gourmet Balcony

The gourmet balcony is a space that has to be nice, cozy, that makes you want to stay there and enjoy.

Therefore, it is important to balance the comfort and design of the seats, seeking to create an environment that is both relaxed and cozy.

In House

Some armchairs are even famous, such as the Barcelona, ​​by Mies van der Rohe, the Bowl, by Lina Bo Bardi and the Mole armchair, by designer Sérgio Rodrigues.

Using one of them in your home can be an excellent idea. After all, they weren’t famous by chance, there’s a reason for that: in addition to being beautiful, they’re extremely comfortable.

Get inspired by our ideas and bring even more elegance to your property.