personalization of a property work

How does the personalization of a property work? Check out the infographic!

It’s no secret that one of Cyrela’s main goals is to be able to meet all the expectations and needs of its customers. Among the various services offered by the company during the construction of the projects, one deserves to be highlighted: the customization of the property.

Through this benefit, when buying an apartment on the floor plan, it is possible to choose the finishes and even adapt the layout of the property to your needs. This way, you avoid the hassle of facing a project to customize your unit, in addition to being sure that a quality service will be provided with a guarantee.

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What is real estate personalization?

Property customization is a service offered by construction companies to their customers who purchased a property on the floor, so that they can adapt the purchased unit to their personal tastes and needs. Changes are required in the initial stages of construction, which guarantees the future resident to receive a personalized residence, within the specified period and without the need to carry out new renovations.

What are the advantages of this service?

By choosing to customize your property on the floor plan, you will be able to enjoy a residence that was designed to meet all your wishes and desires. Therefore, you will live in an exclusive apartment.

Because the builder itself executes the changes, you can be sure that the changes will be performed to a standard of quality. In addition, the customized unit will not lose the guarantee offered by the developer and will be delivered together with the other condominium apartments, within the initial deadline.

Another positive point is the economy. Although customization comes at an extra cost, it is possible to choose finishes and modify the distribution with less investment than would be necessary to make these changes through a renovation. In addition, the owner of the property will not have a job contracting labor.

What customizations does Cyrela offer?

To ensure that the project is delivered on time, Cyrela standardizes the customizations of most of its releases. Thus, it is necessary to choose, among some plant options, the one that will best suit your lifestyle. With this, if you want to prioritize the living area, you can integrate environments or even eliminate a room to increase the space of another area.

Similarly, you can choose finishes. Currently, three personalization packages are offered, which define the covering of the floors and walls, in addition to the models of tops, dishes, basins and basins.

How is the process of customizing a Cyrela apartment?

To customize the property in the plant, it is necessary to request changes within a certain period, which is informed by letter, email and SMS. Typically, the customization period ends one month before the start of construction of the first floor walls.

To make the changes, you must enter the Customer Portal. Through this platform it will be possible to access the customization menu to choose the plant and finish options. In addition to this channel, there is the possibility of scheduling a meeting with the company’s architect to make a face-to-face service and view samples of the finishes to request changes.