customizing the property

Find out what can be changed when customizing the property

Customizing the property is an excellent decision. You can check the possibilities of modifications directly with the builder, and in this article we’ll show you what changes most often can be made and how they occur. For that, we invited Beatriz Nogueira, architect of Preference na Cyrela, to talk about the subject. Know more!

Why should you customize a property?

One of the biggest advantages of customizing the property with the construction company is receiving some details of the apartment already ready, without the need to carry out other renovations after handing over the keys.

As many people are in a hurry to move, making the modifications with the builder helps a lot in terms of time and cost. This is because it is not necessary to make several visits to building material stores, hire professionals to carry out the work and a company to remove the debris that must be discarded.

Another important point is the guarantee. “All services performed by the construction company are guaranteed in accordance with the Owner’s Manual. So, before receiving the keys, customers carry out an inspection of the unit to test and verify all the finishes installed according to the requested customization”, says Beatriz.

After all, what can be personalized in a property?

You can order changes directly from the personalization website. In it, there are the options for the project’s plan and the finishing kits available for the units. However, these sets may vary from one work to another, according to the Descriptive Memorial.

See the changes that cannot be made when customizing a property:

  • alterations to the structure, shaft, common area and facade;
  • decorative plaster linings and crown moldings;
  • the color of paint on walls and ceilings;
  • Real estate plans different from the options presented.

 Each project has its own characteristics and different customization options. Check out what can (or not) be offered below: 

  • alterations to ceramic and porcelain tiles (remember to keep the floor and walls in harmony );
  • alterations to the marble and granite of the countertops;
  • alterations to chinaware (sanitary basin and tub) and metals (faucet and mixers);
  • request the non-installation of standard material for some environments, such as flooring, countertops, tableware and metal, if you want to install these items later;
  • request a barbecue, a faucet tub and one of the granite options offered (if the development offers the option of a barbecue kit);
  • Request the execution of the air conditioning infrastructure (refrigerator network) for environments that can rely on the device, according to the Descriptive Memorandum.

Which rooms can be changed?

Beatriz says that customization can be done in all rooms, but the kits for each environment are different, since the construction company needs to follow current laws and regulations.

Which changes are most indicated by the construction company and why?

Customization is something personal, as each client has a dream or expectation for the apartment. Some are buying their first property, and this makes the choices based on the relationship between what is desired and the available budget. On the other hand, when it’s not the first property, clients already know better how changes are made and what works (or doesn’t) for them.

According to Beatriz, “we recommend changes that are more laborious to make after the keys are handed over, such as the air conditioning infrastructure (which needs to go through the plaster lining and perform some molding) or changes that compromise the warranty, such as changing the floor in some environments that can damage the waterproofing”.

How would you plan to customize a property? Do you already have in mind which style of decor is your favorite? Thinking about all these questions is important to make your home look like you.