Earth tones

Earth tones: trends in decorating neutral environments

Earthy tones have the ability to bring nature closer to us. A trend that will be on the rise in the coming months is natural-style decor. This style harmonizes very well with the decoration of rooms, living room and many other environments.

A natural decoration usually employs pieces made from sustainable materials, and works with lines and volumes that resemble elements of nature. It’s an elegant way to celebrate nature. And precisely because it uses sustainable materials, such as certified wood, plant textures and stones, earth tones are highlighted.

Check out some tips on how to use this style in your home.

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Meet earth tones 

For greater rest and tranquility, there is nothing better than being able to stay in environments with a neutral atmosphere and less overloaded. And the decorations in earthy tones have just this good feature.

They are painted and decorated with elements in more closed and sober tones – ranging from brown to beige, caramel, light pink and moss green.

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Even the decorations in earth tones have been the greatest darlings of many designers and architects – proof of this are the models produced for fairs and exhibitions in the area. And they fit in well with the next phases of the year that are starting now, which are the autumn and winter seasons.

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Why bet on earth tones?

Earthy tones make people feel as if they are immersed in nature, even indoors, in an urban area. The effect that can be achieved with certain materials in this chromatic palette is amazing.

An artistic and environmental translation of this desire that everyone has to be able to return to the most comfortable moment, of calm and the best memories of affection and affection. For a real cozier home.

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“The movement that is taking place now is very similar to that of the 1970s, when the concept of sustainability emerged in the world. But today’s phenomenon goes deeper. Before, there was talk of saving nature. Today, in addition, we need to deeply reconnect with it.”

“The quest for earthy hues is just one aspect of our rapprochement with Earth.”

– Ana Kreutzer, in a report by Casa Vogue.

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The incredible effect of earth tones

Earthy tones go great with rustic, vintage, Scandinavian and more style environments – as is often seen in farm and country houses. They are able to offer more comfort to decorated environments. And, in a more intimate and familiar atmosphere, they could calm people, giving them more peace and energy balance.

earth tones-decoration-room earth tones-decoration-room

How to use earth tones?

In interior decorations, earthy tones can appear in many different elements. Examples are the textures of armchair upholstery and wall paintings in the environments.

Finally, you can create complete sets in earthy tones, in a “tone on tone” type palette. Or you can leave these tones as a background and overlay pieces in more vibrant tones from other palettes.

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The important thing is to try to strike a balance. But, yes, it is possible to apply tones like these in an entire room – proof of this are the images presented in this text. But, detail, would be a tone for the walls and another, contrasting, for furniture and objects. It is important at this time to bet on materials that, in fact, resemble nature – such as straw, bamboo, ecological leather, ceramic bricks, wood, and more.

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Follow this trend you too. Use and abuse earthy tones to create a charming and sophisticated decor, with this sustainable footprint. The result will surprise you!