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Check out the 6 coolest decorating apps now!

Those who like to decorate their home are always on the lookout for news to be inspired and personalize their home. Precisely for this reason, it does not give up having the best decoration apps on the cell phone.

With that in mind, we’ve listed 6 of them, which are free, for you to download right now. Check out!

1. Color Smart by BEHR Mobile

First on our list of decorating apps is Color Smart by BEHR Mobile. By downloading it, you can discover the name of that color that caught your attention in an interior design exhibition and the best part: test it, as well as its different undertones, on the walls of the rooms of your property, through simulations.

Available for Android

2. FloraMe

Always wanted to have a garden in your home, but don’t know where to start? Then FloraMe is indispensable for you! With it, you can learn which types of ornamental plants are best suited for indoor areas, such as the living room or bedroom, and those perfect for outdoor spaces.

In addition, you can check landscaping tips and what are the necessary cares for each species, from planting to the watering and pruning routine. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

Available for Android

3. My Measures

My Measures, in turn, serves as a large file of measurements of your home environments. You can trace the footage of walls, floors, doors, windows and even the space that furniture and decorative objects occupy.

That way, when you need to buy something new, like a sofa or a wardrobe, it’s easy to know if it will fit in the room and even pass through the entrances and hallways of the home.

4. Mobile Autoclosets

Autoclosets Mobile is an application with a special function: allowing you to plan the interior of your closet the way you always imagined. After all, nobody better than you to know what your real needs are, right?

And the coolest thing is that the process is very simple. Just choose, little by little, the definitions that the cabinet should have, such as the material it is made of, the ideal color, the number of modules, the height, the depth, the accessories that cannot be missing, etc.

Available for iOS

5. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Another one of the must-have decoration apps on your cell phone is Houzz Interior Design Ideas. The reason? Simple: it has a vast image bank of furniture and decorative objects that, with the help of augmented reality, can be inserted in the most different rooms of your home.

This way, you can search for inspirations and ensure that you only buy pieces that, in fact, harmonize with the style of decor of the environment — avoiding unnecessary expenses and purchasing items that will end up not being used.

6. iHandy Level Free

Finally, there is a suggestion that will help (and a lot) those who face difficulties in assembling aligned groupings of paintings, canvases, panels and tapestry items on the walls of the home.

After all, with iHandy Level Free, you can accurately measure the position of each of them, as well as the distance that separates them, without leaving the vertical surfaces polluted or visually disorganized.