baby room

Check out 8 baby room models with great decor ideas

When it comes time to think about how to decorate a baby’s room, an idea doesn’t always come easily to mind. Doubts and uncertainties are common, especially for those who are already in their second or third child and no longer know how to vary.

If you need inspiration to decorate the room of the baby that is coming, feel free, browse our selection, get good ideas and start making your plans right now.

8 Baby Room Ideas That Will Inspire Your Creativity

1- Your little angel’s room

Combining blue, a traditional baby room color for boys, with wallpaper and cloud appliqués with recessed lighting made this room a true paradise for the little ones to come.

Note the crib integrated with the changing table and dresser, all very practical and compact.

the little angel's room

2- Baby blue

Another blue room, but in a pastel shade so light that it becomes bright with the sunlight coming in through the window.

The tip was to incorporate a sofa bed that can accommodate the nanny or the mother, on those nights when the baby is hurting…

Baby blue

3- The twins have arrived!

One crib is pink, the other is blue… um… I think a couple is coming!

To make the other colors of the room match, a neutral tone of beige was chosen, which is easily associated with blue and pink, combined in the other details of the decoration.

pink and blue room

4- Pink and shiny!

Who could no longer stand waiting for a pink room, here it is, full of lights for your little girl to get used to being a star from an early age.

Note the nursing armchair , with a iridescent hue, making the pink of the lights stand out even more in the environment.

Pink and bright bedroom

5- Bet on the curves

Cot and dresser with rounded shapes, in addition to a distinctive and eye-catching touch, have a reason for being.

The crib without corners makes the baby more comfortable and the dresser with the curve inwards makes it easier for the mother to be closer to the baby, when taking care of him with all affection.

Baby room with niches

6- Child likes to play

The highlight of this baby room model are the colorful dolls and toys that contrast with the all-white furniture, highlighting the playful side that every child needs to develop.

baby room with toys

7- Another couple of twins on the block!

This time the option was not to integrate pink and blue, combined in all the decor elements, but to make it clear that the room has a blue side, for the boy, and a pink side, for the girl.

The pastel tone helps to harmonize all of this, always alongside teddy bears characterized both as a boy and as a girl.

Decorated unisex baby room

8- Pink baby

For those who found the other room in pink too flashy, a more traditional and romantic option, full of bows and pillows, but without dispensing with a light glow on the ceiling, only in a lighter tone.

Once again, a sofa bed helps on those nights when you need to “don’t let go” of your baby.

pink baby room

Of all these, which is your favorite room? Make your choice, get inspired, get an idea of ​​each one, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to start planning your dream room for your baby as soon as possible.