personalization of a property work

How does the personalization of a property work? Check out the infographic!

It’s no secret that one of Cyrela’s main goals is to be able to meet all the expectations and needs of its customers. Among the various services offered by the company during the construction of the projects, one deserves to be highlighted: the customization of the property. Through this benefit, when buying an apartment on the floor…

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buying a property

Learn about the experience of buying a property without leaving your home

Online commerce is growing more and more, even when it comes to buying a property. Who has never searched for “buying an apartment” on the internet and was dreaming of a new apartment? We know, however, that buying a property is very different from buying a cell phone online. It takes a lot more information, after all…

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customizing the property

Find out what can be changed when customizing the property

Customizing the property is an excellent decision. You can check the possibilities of modifications directly with the builder, and in this article we’ll show you what changes most often can be made and how they occur. For that, we invited Beatriz Nogueira, architect of Preference na Cyrela, to talk about the subject. Know more! Why should you customize…

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solar incidence

The importance of checking the solar incidence on the property before purchase

Having a property to call their own is certainly what most people want. The moment of buying a house or apartment is quite an event. Therefore, it is not uncommon for feelings of euphoria and anxiety to be present throughout the purchase negotiation process. However, if they are not controlled, they can mislead the buyer and make…

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What is the difference between deed and property registration?

Anyone looking for a new house or apartment to live in, for sure, has heard of two very common terms in the real estate universe: deed and property registration. Although these two documents are often used in this type of negotiation, it is common that most people end up confusing the purposes of each. Did you identify…

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building a property

Learn about the 7 main steps in building a property

You, who acquired a property in the plant, probably have the greatest expectation to soon receive the keys and finally make your move, right? However, it is necessary to control anxiety, because, depending on when the purchase was made, it will be necessary to wait for a while for the completion of the work. With this in mind,…

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Property inspection

Property inspection: 5 items you should be aware of

The inspection of the new property is the moment when the buyer can assess whether everything that was agreed with the construction company was executed correctly. This is an essential step in the unit’s delivery process, carried out at the end of the work. But for this evaluation to be really useful and fulfill its objective,…

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property purchase contract

5 elements to look out for in a property purchase contract

Signing a property purchase agreement is one of the main steps in the acquisition process. By signing this type of document, you agree with the conditions set out and, therefore, it is extremely important to check each one of them before “hitting the hammer”. We know that this phase can generate some doubt, thinking about it,…

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project financing

Do you know what securitization is? Find out here!

The financial practice that bundles multiple assets is common in the modern market. After all, it is a fact that many businesses need investments to sustain themselves over time.  The securitization  is an alternative for those who need to resort to external sources in order to capitalize on your project. It is already recognized as one of the options that best guarantees…

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