interior decoration

Architecture, design and interior decoration: what must change?

The last few years have been challenging, especially 2020 – and everyone already knows the reasons, to the point that we don’t even need to remember here. As a result, the following years are likely to be completely different for architecture and interior design. And this can have many benefits. After all, it is time for us…

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hiring a decorator

What you need to know before hiring a decorator. Check out the 6 steps in our infographic!

A decorator’s job is to combine the beauty of the environment with its functionality, providing the best place — as you want — to live with your family. In this post, we’ll bring you all the information you need to know before hiring this professional. Read on to understand more! Learn more about the professional It’s critical…

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decorating apps

Check out the 6 coolest decorating apps now!

Those who like to decorate their home are always on the lookout for news to be inspired and personalize their home. Precisely for this reason, it does not give up having the best decoration apps on the cell phone. With that in mind, we’ve listed 6 of them, which are free, for you to download right now. Check…

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10 models of compact kitchens for you to be inspired

Anyone who wants to have a dream kitchen in their home or apartment doesn’t need a huge space for it. A compact kitchen, when well planned, can be surprisingly practical and welcoming. In this post, we’ve made a selection of several models of compact kitchens, each with a different solution to the project’s challenges. It has…

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Interior design or architect? See how to make the right choice

Renovating the apartment is more than an aesthetic issue. From the distribution of the walls to the choice of objects, everything must be well thought out, as it will impact circulation, ventilation, natural light and, ultimately, the quality of life of the residents. But do you know when to hire an interior designer or architect? These are professionals with different…

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anteroom space

5 tips for creating a functional anteroom space in the apartment

The anteroom is literally the environment before the main room. Although many people confuse it with the lobby, these are different spaces. While the hall is a place of passage, where belongings that should not be taken inside are left (incidentally, something essential in times of pandemic), the anteroom is basically a waiting place inside the apartment. In…

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home bar

How to create the perfect atmosphere for a home bar in your apartment

Creating a beautiful and sophisticated decoration for the home is not a complicated task for those with good taste. It is really difficult to create an interesting and comfortable setting to welcome your guests. Certain environments in the house can be well prepared to make everyone more excited, encouraging a good get-together. If that’s what you’re…

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