Earth tones

Earth tones: trends in decorating neutral environments

Earthy tones have the ability to bring nature closer to us. A trend that will be on the rise in the coming months is natural-style decor. This style harmonizes very well with the decoration of rooms, living room and many other environments. A natural decoration usually employs pieces made from sustainable materials, and works with lines and volumes…

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hiring a decorator

What you need to know before hiring a decorator. Check out the 6 steps in our infographic!

A decorator’s job is to combine the beauty of the environment with its functionality, providing the best place — as you want — to live with your family. In this post, we’ll bring you all the information you need to know before hiring this professional. Read on to understand more! Learn more about the professional It’s critical…

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decorating apps

Check out the 6 coolest decorating apps now!

Those who like to decorate their home are always on the lookout for news to be inspired and personalize their home. Precisely for this reason, it does not give up having the best decoration apps on the cell phone. With that in mind, we’ve listed 6 of them, which are free, for you to download right now. Check…

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terraced gardens

Learn about some precautions for the maintenance of terraced gardens

Maintaining terraced gardens is a way to bring the well-being that only nature can provide into our homes. A large sunny balcony is an invitation to start this little green corner in your own apartment! You can count on beautiful flowers, which promote a wonderful olfactory and visual experience, plants that bring freshness and well-being, or even a garden of…

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Tips for choosing a classic-style headboard for your bedroom

The contemporary decoration, different from the modern one, allows us to use elements from different styles and times to create a beautiful interior ambience. Indoors, we can create aesthetic environments with both more modern and more classic features as well. But what defines a classic decor? And how to use this style in bedroom decoration? What is classic…

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baby room

Check out 8 baby room models with great decor ideas

When it comes time to think about how to decorate a baby’s room, an idea doesn’t always come easily to mind. Doubts and uncertainties are common, especially for those who are already in their second or third child and no longer know how to vary. If you need inspiration to decorate the room of the baby that…

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home bar

How to create the perfect atmosphere for a home bar in your apartment

Creating a beautiful and sophisticated decoration for the home is not a complicated task for those with good taste. It is really difficult to create an interesting and comfortable setting to welcome your guests. Certain environments in the house can be well prepared to make everyone more excited, encouraging a good get-together. If that’s what you’re…

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Traditional decor

Traditional decor: a safe bet for those looking for style and practicality

What would a traditional person be? Traditional people tend to be more conservative. Because of their personality, they tend to appreciate art models inspired by classicism. Therefore, your houses will look old. But that doesn’t mean they have to be old-fashioned. In fact, amidst the sophistication of the pieces in a traditional setting, several modern technology solutions may…

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How to choose armchairs, the key piece in the decoration, for different environments

The armchair is that piece of furniture that can be extremely personal, like the one you like to read in the office, or you’re favorite for watching TV. Likewise, it is the piece of furniture that welcomes visitors in the living room and even at the dining table. Choosing the right seat for each of these environments…

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