interior decoration

Architecture, design and interior decoration: what must change?

The last few years have been challenging, especially 2020 – and everyone already knows the reasons, to the point that we don’t even need to remember here. As a result, the following years are likely to be completely different for architecture and interior design. And this can have many benefits.

After all, it is time for us to review many concepts, to draw new layouts and bet on the new.

What changes in the floor plan of the properties?

The review of architectural projects has happened many times throughout the history of the profession. An example was when the employees’ premises were removed from their homes. Or even with the addition of the property’s private access to elevators.

Currently, kitchens, service areas and laundries have gained more importance. And more than ever, the need to have a home office area at home was evident. In short, all this is simply the adaptation of homes to new needs that arise.

With the increase in the world population, the concern with health must also increase. Then, new practices will emerge, reflecting, in a ripple effect, in the design of the homes.

It is necessary to reflect, for example, how the interaction between people will be going forward. It is likely that they want to develop more activities such as work and study at home.

This is justified in many ways – safety, convenience, comfort and economy – which should lead to the further development of furniture and equipment to meet these situations.

It is likely that we will see, in the future, more and more models of multipurpose cabinets for sale in stores. As features, these furniture should be composed of modules that can be arranged in different ways.

Its interior should come minimally divided, but with the option of installing accessories, such as metal carts, caster feet, in some cases, for easy movement. And more resistant external finish.

Another thing that should become more and more part of our lives is intelligent equipment. For example, automatic vacuum cleaners that are programmed to clean floors, windows and even kitchens on their own.

Also air devices that cool environments, but renewing the air and not just air conditioning. And smart televisions that can connect to streaming apps and serve as a computer monitor.

Also included in this list are more powerful dishwashers and clothes washing machines that can withstand more volumes – the latter, with drying option. Refrigerators with larger freezers that can condition more food.

The famous airfryers for healthier eating at home. And even gym equipment, to keep up with your workout routine, no matter the weather.

Remembering that many of these devices can come with the possibility of control via cell phone or tablet, including helping to build lists of activities. This should make the routine much easier for people who need to adjust to a routine both outdoors and indoors.

What changes in the decoration of the house?

As a result of everything that has happened in the last few months, people have started to see the house in a different way.

They started to value more family life and this moment within private spaces. They also looked more at the corners of the environments and questioned themselves. There is no one who has not re-evaluated the decoration of their home and reached the conclusion that some change should be made – for the better, of course.

It is likely that, after this period, many people go shopping looking for accessories and ornaments that help to better personalize the home environments. Also many plants and other elements that help to balance the energies within the property.

The idea is to make spaces more comfortable and pleasant. This should help a lot for families to feel good and to be able to stay together and in harmony inside the interiors.