vertical garden

6 plants suitable for setting up a vertical garden in the apartment

Taking advantage of the walls to have a beautiful green space is a great solution for those who live in an apartment. In addition to decorating, this reduces the temperature and improves the humidity in the environment. And there’s more: depending on how it is arranged, green has the power to energize the room.

Not surprisingly, many people who apply feng shui in the home office do not give up this feature. But to provide so many benefits, it is necessary to choose the right plants for the vertical garden!

In this article, we indicate 6 species live well indoors. See how easy they are to take care of and dare to build your green wall!

What is a vertical garden?

Vertical garden is a landscape feature that explores the space on the walls. It can be composed of either foliage or flowering plants.

The coolest thing is that the trend not only contributes to the decor, but also has a positive impact on health. In addition to improving the air quality in the apartment, it becomes a social and well-being area for residents, helping them to relieve stress.

What are the best vertical garden plants?

It’s no use setting up a garden if the species are inadequate. To grow beautiful and healthy, you need to know your needs for sunlight, fertilization and watering.

Next, see 6 plants to build a vertical garden inside the apartment. If you are in doubt about the choice, select them from the sensations that arouse in you — an elementary precept of the so-called sensory decoration.

1. Serpent’s Beard

The serpent’s beard leaves the vertical garden with a very dense look. In summer, it forms spikes with delicate flowers.

It works well in both direct sunlight and shaded areas. It needs fertile soil, irrigated regularly and well drained.

2. Boa

The boa constrictor is a well-known vine. Showy, it’s also great for filling in spaces in the garden.

Easy to care for, it lives well in sunny rooms or with almost no heatstroke. For beautiful foliage, plant it in substrate rich in organic matter and water periodically.

3. Liriope

The liriope is a much sought after cover on green walls. Between summer and autumn, it bears small lilac flowers.

Despite enjoying sunlight, she manages to thrive in semi-shade. Grow it in fertile, well-draining soil, watering regularly.

4. Bridal veil

The bridal veil orchid, with its fine and delicate leaves, gives the outstanding look to the vertical gardens. In summer, it forms beautiful floral curtains. Despite being very well adapted to indoor environments, it needs a well-lit place without air conditioning.

5. Cash-in-a-lot

The mob (or mosquito) is a small creeping plant, ideal for bedding. It lives well in semi-shade and needs soil enriched with organic matter and regular watering.

6. Anthurium

Anthurium is traditionally used in interiors, making beautiful masses and borders. It can flourish in poorly lit places, but it needs enriched substrates (such as vegetable soil with coconut fiber), frequent watering and periodic fertilization.

How to set up a vertical garden?

Before starting, remember: choose species that adapt well to environmental conditions. For a close-up look, combine foliage, hanging and semi-hanging plants.

You can set up the vertical garden in different ways:

  • with a pallet base covered with a garden screen, for a more homogeneous look;
  • with some vases suspended, attached to the ceiling, placed on metal trusses or even in niches, shelves or on the shelf ;
  • with modular systems (there are models of different materials), if you want a green wall with a professional look;
  • With pre-molded waterproofed blocks, which are beautiful in industrial decorations.

Finally, if you want to give a special touch to the other rooms as well, consider the contribution of aromatherapy in each environment. Just like the garden, essential oils are great allies to awaken good feelings.

Now it’s up to you! Gather the materials, choose some plants for the vertical garden in an apartment and assemble it as you prefer. In addition to being therapeutic, this whole process will result in an amazing look!