anteroom space

5 tips for creating a functional anteroom space in the apartment

The anteroom is literally the environment before the main room. Although many people confuse it with the lobby, these are different spaces.

While the hall is a place of passage, where belongings that should not be taken inside are left (incidentally, something essential in times of pandemic), the anteroom is basically a waiting place inside the apartment.

In this post, we’ve gathered 5 ideas to compose a beautiful, practical and functional anteroom. Check out!

Why is it interesting to have an anteroom at home?

Imagine that your apartment is the meeting point before an event of any kind. The anteroom is the perfect place for your guests to wait.

This is because it is a space as comfortable as the other environments, but at the same time, it is reserved. Thus, the visitors feel welcomed and the family has its intimacy protected.

How to set up an anteroom in the apartment?

The first tip to set up an anteroom in the apartment is to respect the style of decoration adopted in the room. In this way, a visual unity is created, increasing the feeling of harmony and well-being in the environments.

Another indispensable aspect is prioritizing the functionality of the space — even more so now that people are spending more and more time at home. For help, see the tips below.

1. Put a trimmer

A good sideboard is essential. It not only decorates the room (usually with one or two floral arrangements), it also acts as a support piece of furniture, allowing you to place keys, cell phones and other small belongings.

2. Install cabinets

The anteroom lockers must meet the needs of the residents. There are those who choose to put on a beautiful shoe rack, for example. If the idea is to store delicate objects, such as cups and glasses, prefer a buffet.

3. Invest in luxury armchairs

The anteroom is the first impression people have upon entering your apartment. To enhance the decor, give preference to large, ergonomic and comfortable armchairs, made of noble materials. Regarding the arrangement in the environment, they must be on opposite sides, facing each other.

4. Use a round table

A round coffee table, positioned between the armchairs, is important for people to support their cups. A good suggestion to decorate it is the use of table books (so-called “coffee table books”).

5. Use dividers

Most of the time, the anteroom is integrated with other environments. However, if the resident finds it convenient, it is possible to separate it through partitions. In this case, you can use a wooden slatted panel or a bookcase filled with books, plants or decorative objects.

Both are leaky solutions, which avoid the feeling of confinement. Another possibility, if you prefer a mobile partition, is to use a screen.

How to get inspired to create an ideal anteroom?

The most important thing when setting up an anteroom space is to prioritize functionality. This means that, more than just decorating, furniture and objects must have a function, in order to facilitate the routine.

However, because it is the room that opens the home, the decor must be impeccable. For inspiration, search on decor sites and social media (Instagram and Pinterest, mostly). Through a quick search, you can view numerous interior designs. Choose your favorites and use them as references!

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