Apartment Renovation

4 Most Common Mistakes in Apartment Renovation

The renovation of apartments can be carried out on several occasions – either when acquiring a new property, or in moments that involve the care and maintenance of property. In both cases, you have to be very careful, otherwise, you run the risk of making some mistakes and having a big loss in the end.

And do you know what are the most common mistakes made by residents? We’ve already advanced: most of the time, people invest in a reform without any kind of planning.

As we don’t want you to go through something like this, in this post we list the 4 most frequent mistakes among those who want to make a reform. Follow the reading and find out how to face this challenge with more security and peace of mind!

1. Lack of planning

As with everything in life, apartment renovation requires a lot of planning. After all, no project will bring good results without at least good preparation and organization. The recommendation is that, before rolling up your sleeves and setting off for the works, you should look at some interesting points in this process.

The first one is to be fully aware of what will be changed in the work. For example: if your wall is leaking, the ideal is to go to the source of the problem and not just apply a new coat of paint on the surface.

Once that’s done, it’s time to budget. Research well, talk to different professionals and make a survey of the amount that will be spent. It is also important to check your available budget. To make it easier, list this information on a paper or digital spreadsheet to keep track of it more easily.

2. Problems with neighbors

Those who live in a condominium already know: when a neighbor is under construction, it is common for the others to be bothered by the noise, dirt and other peculiarities. And so that you are not an inconvenience to other residents and receive several complaints, how about taking some precautions before starting your reform?

One is to get closer to neighbors. That’s right! Inform, in a friendly way that in the next few days you will be carrying out a renovation at home and make yourself available in case of doubts or problems.

Also try to know the hours allowed to make noise, in addition to knowing how you should deal with cleaning issues and where to take the debris accumulated in the work. With these precautions, everyone wins!

3. Prioritize price without considering quality

You’ve probably heard this famous saying going around: “cheap is expensive”, correct? When we talk about apartment renovation, this maxim is even more relevant. It is not uncommon to find people who prioritize the cheapest products and services, valuing only the financial savings of the moment.

Contrary to what it seems, this situation can become a real trap. Often, by choosing a product or service that is too cheap, you run the risk of investing in something without quality—thus increasing the chances of future losses.

When hiring a professional, look for all the references of their past work. Also check that your professional records are up to date. For the engineer, this information can be checked on the website of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA) of the state. In the case of the architect, just access the portal of the Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CAU). Very easy!

4. Not having condominium authorization

Finally, talk to the manager of your condominium and ask for authorization to carry out the renovation. Each development has an internal regulation, and your duty, as a joint owner, is to fully respect it. This care will avoid not only bureaucratic problems, such as several structural accidents.

In certain cases, the manager also usually sends a form so that the details of the project are informed in advance. It is important to have all the data on hand to streamline the process.

Ready! Avoiding the errors listed and following our tips, you have everything you need to carry out a peaceful, fruitful and within the stipulated period of renovation of an apartment.

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