10 models of compact kitchens for you to be inspired

Anyone who wants to have a dream kitchen in their home or apartment doesn’t need a huge space for it.

A compact kitchen, when well planned, can be surprisingly practical and welcoming.

In this post, we’ve made a selection of several models of compact kitchens, each with a different solution to the project’s challenges.

It has kitchens for the country house, for the beach, integrated into the living room and several others.

Check out our compact kitchen tips and see which ones can be a good inspiration for your home.

10 models of compact kitchens: which one is you?

1- Compact with farm style

Who said that a compact kitchen has to be all modern, with bold materials and full of shine, steel and polished granite?

Enrico Benedetti

2- Overlooking the sea

This apartment in Ipanema managed to have the kitchen also have a view of the sea.

Note that the use of space left the kitchen well stretched out, but the clever arrangement of countertops and appliances put everything you need very close and within reach of those who cook, there is even a television.

Isabela Lessa

3- Perfect for your site

Rustic, with wooden furniture and exposed brick, this compact kitchen blends into the living room with a lot of charm, ideal for a cottage in the country.

Open house

4- Here you can scribble the walls!

Another compact kitchen full of charm and that, for sure, will attract many of your guests when you have a small meeting…

You can even write your favorite recipes on the blackboard, or the shopping list, cool, right?

Open house

5- Really compact!

The right size to make the biggest recipes! It’s all there, even this built-in cup. Have you thought about having your breakfast in this nice little corner?

Luciana Coelho Luciana

6- Everything in its place

I even like to see how much space there is in this kitchen.

Integrated into the living room, just take a few steps back and enjoy the view that, by the way, is in front of a large wooded park…

KD store

7- Colors and flavors

One more proof that size doesn’t matter!

Full of contrasting colors and integrated into the pantry, which is also integrated into the living room, this kitchen was perfect for those who like to gather friends and prepare a recipe together.

By the way, the table is even set, shall we go?

little Katia

8- Kitchen? Pub? Dining room?

There’s nothing more practical than this counter that makes this apartment’s compact kitchen multipurpose. When cooking, he supports the utensils and helps with preparation. Having friends over for a little get-together? The kitchen has already become a bar. Are you having dinner? Just put the chairs around the counter and the dishes on the “table”.

Mariane Battaglia

9- Compact, but with space for all colors

The space might be small, but the creativity was immense.

In addition to the bespoke furniture, changing the white tiles for this variety of pieces in all colors gave this kitchen much more life, it was nice, wasn’t it?

Vinicius Furtado

10- Kitchen, which kitchen?

Kitchen integrated into space is one thing, but kitchen that camouflages itself in space is another.

As beautiful and combined as the style of the room, this kitchen is more than compact, its part of the decor!